Frontend Engineer, Speaker and Trainer @ e-xtrategy

Francesco Strazzullo


Frameworkless Frontend Development

Two-day workshop to learn how to create complex Single Page Applications without any kind of dependency. Expect to learn rendering, routing and state management. In the last part of the workshop expect to learn a series of format useful to make decision when in need to choose a technology like the Framework Compass Chart.

React Essential

Three-day workshop to learn the basics of React. After an introduction about the core concepts of the famous Facebook framework, you will learn how to test React application with Enzyme or to create end-to-end tests with puppeteer. In the last part you will learn about state management with Redux, MobX and other state-mamangent techinques.

High Performance Rendering With WebGL

Two-day workshop to grasp the basics of WebGL and other frameworks built on it. After an introduction about WebGL and shaders, we will cover three.JS building some complex scene, also using A-Frame and WebVR to build interactive VR scenes on the Web. At Last we will learn how to use PixiJS and how to integrate it in existing web applications.