Frameworkless Front-end Development

I published my first book "Frameworkless Front-end Development" with Apress. This book is about working efficiently without frameworks and choosing the right tool following the principles of the Frameworkless Manifesto.


Chapter 1: Let’s Talk AboutFrameworks

The meaning of Frameworks and the hidden cost that usually team don't see.

Chapter 2: Rendering

How to create a rendering engine from scratch, starting from extremely simple DOM manipulation functions to a complete virtual DOM algorithm.

Chapter 3: Managing DOM Events

Some useful techniques to easily manage DOM Events.

Chapter 4: Web Components

An introduction about Web Components: a set of APIs that make possible to build components without the help of third-party libraries.

Chapter 5: HTTP Requests

Different ways to make an HTTP request and managing its results.

Chapter 6: Routing

How to create a simple routing library, using fragment identifiers or real paths.

Chapter 7: State Management

This chapter is about the meaning of State Management and the different kind of patterns that you may use.

Chapter 8: The Right Tool For The Right Job

Decision-making tools useful when you need to choose a new framework or library